Seminars 2018


31 oct. - 2 nov. 2018 | English / Dutch/ Italian

7 nov. - 9 nov.  2018 | Englisch / Dutch / Italian

Gerwin van den Boogaard is an inspiration for florists, semi-professionals and high level end-of-year students, who travels the world to promote Dutch flower arranging. You can recognise his style and techniques in the work of many others and his work can also be found within companies and at events.

Do you want to be stimulated and inspired for three days at a special location in the Netherlands, which is still a secret? Do you want to win an audience prize from a well-known artist and a check worth €250,-? Register quickly for his seminar, the places are limited.

1st day: Various workforms, colorful flowers, leaves and berries. bouquets, compositions. A seasonally interesting chance of surprises.

2nd day: We work with special Christmas rings, circles, discs, wreaths, laying, standing, leaning, floating in many positions. Go with the Christmas flow. 

3rd Day: From new-year to first glimpse of spring: Not surprisingly the color theme creates a stunning effect at the highest level of innovation.


Price: €395,-  ex 21% VAT